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How to Create the ‘Katniss Braid’.

When I watched the ‘Hunger Games’ for the first time after having read the book, I was thrilled with how well the creative team interpreted the story. Especially all the weird and wacky ‘Capitol’ fashions. However it was Katniss’s simple ‘arena braid’ which to me stood out. Therefore, I’m going to show you how to recreate her signature look in seven simple steps.

  1. Brush through all your hair, to do this with the least amount of damage to your locks, start at the bottom and slowly work up the length of your hair (be gentle to it or it won’t look good).
  2. Starting at the top left side of your head gather a small section of hair and part it into three sections.
  3. Now comes the slightly tricky bit (for beginner braiders). Take one of the outer sections and bring it under the middle section so it takes its place being the new middle section (this braid is essentially the reverse of a normal braid were you cross the sections over the middle).
  4. Repeat this with the other side, bring it under making this the new middle.
  5. When you’ve done this a few times start adding hair to the sections you are crossing under the middle (like with a French braid), while tilting the braid toward your right shoulder, doing this is what makes the braid different as it travels across your head not down it.
  6. When you run out of hair to add to the sections (this should be right by the base of your right ear as can be seen in the picture below) braid to the end as if it were a regular braid.
  7. Tie of the end with a hair elastic and you have a hairstyle which should last all day while making you feel confident in that you look great.
Finished braid.
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School uniforms, or implemented suffering for students.

School uniforms are hell. Be it because of the often times garish colour combinations, or the material they are made of being scratchy. There is one thing most people I know can agree on, they are awful. Up until very recently I have to wear one everyday five days a week during term time, and let me just say that I’m eternally grateful I don’t have to any longer.

While I was blessed with a fairly tame colour palette for my uniform, it wasn’t fun to have to wear one. In recent years the U.K. has been hit by rather odd weather fluctuations and the months which have made up winter have been freezing. My school has a strict no coats, hoodies, jackets or any outerwear, apart from the designated blazer rule. In fact, if a student is outside but on school property and they have on anything unauthorised they will be told to remove it, and if they refuse the item can be confiscated with them getting in trouble for arguing…

How is this ok?

Students are told from a fairly young age that it is wrong to bundle up and if they try to protect themselves from the weather it’s wrong. How is that a good thing?

Now I understand that sometimes people appreciate uniforms because it means that bullying based on appearance won’t occur. However from what I’ve seen that isn’t the case, students who don’t follow the “trends” when it comes to makeup, hair, shoes, bags or even how to wear your uniform can be picked on.

The only thing uniforms guarantee is that everyone is equally miserable and often cold with no way to express themselves through what they wear. School uniforms are not an amazing invention which makes learning better, take it from someone who’s worn one for years the best day ever is when you put it away for the last time.